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Mindful Mornings

New to meditation? Looking to meditate regularly? Our weekly sessions are just right! 

  • Learn how to quiet the mind.

  • Find new techniques that work best for you.

  • Experience the benefits of meditation.

  • Take your existing practice to a deeper level of connection.


Classes meet Tuesday's at 8:00 AM and Wednesday's at noon (Eastern). Each week we'll introduce a new 3 to 5-minute exercise. A 20 minute, semi-guided meditation is next. Then we'll wrap up with a 10-15 minute period for Q&A.

Can't always commit to 45 minutes? Stay as long as you can. Classes are recorded for access by monthly subscribers.

Try a 14-day free trial. Cancel whenever you'd like with a simple email.

  • 30 min online lesson/practice sessions 8AM Tue or 12PM Wed eastern.

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    10 US dollars
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